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Hi, I’m Denise Smith.  I am a semi-retired, Board Certified physician, who was trained as a Pediatrician, but have worked providing Family Medicine care in the hospital system of the State of GA since 1981. During this same time period I raised 3 children who are now adults (mostly as a single parent), was ordained as a Minister, and received training and started a second career as a Life and Health Coach.

I was compelled to start my coaching career after realizing that “coaching” was what I had been doing my entire adult life as others seemed to be naturally drawn to me when seeking solutions to getting their needs met whether physically, emotionally, or spiritually.

I made the decision to concentrate my coaching practice in the area of Health and Wellness for several reasons:

  • First, because of the obvious need I see as a physician to impact the current health care crisis by working with individuals and groups to encourage and provide them with the tools to reduce and possibly reverse the devastating effects of obesity and the chronic medical problems that result, reduce and hopefully eliminate the damaging effects of stress, and help individuals to lead healthier, happier more vibrant lives.

  • Second, because of the impact that taking charge of my own health has had on me as I approach my sixth decade of life. I too have struggled with trying to ward off midlife weight gain, and had to come up with my own solutions for dealing with “personal heat waves” aka “hot flashes”,  getting a good night’s sleep and keeping everyday stress at a minimum.

  • And third, because sharing information and helping others to live healthier, happier, more vibrant lives is what I am most passionate about. There is a ton of health information out there available to public but I find that many people are confused about what information is true and how to apply what they read and hear to their own situations.

I help my clients connect to the information that’s right for them using my medical knowledge, years of experience as a practicing physician as well the personal knowledge I have gained over the past 15 years specifically related to nutrition, the importance of physical activity and stress management. Then, I help them to incorporate it into an action plan that gets the results that they and their personal physicians want.

I hope that you will find the information on my website to be useful for making the choice decision to make your health your priority.

Go ahead and browse through my Programs/ServicesAnd don’t forget to check out the Free Stuff that I have made available for you to begin using today to start your journey to wellness.

Quest Pest Control Home Free Stuff What To Expect About Me Contact Me