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As a collaborative partner I help individuals to meet the health goals that will enable them to lose weight, reduce stress, achieve life balance and manage chronic health issues.

I find that people generally “know” the right things to do in order to lose weight and become healthier but for many it takes a strategic partner to come alongside to help them to draw on their inner strength  in order to achieve those things together that they were never able to do alone.  As a coach I work alongside my clients at a pace that comfortable for them to help them come up with a step-by-step plan to achieve those results that they weren’t able to achieve on their own.

As my client you can expect the following results from working with me:

    • You will be able to identify and prioritize your health goals and come up with a series of “baby steps” to get the results you want.

    • You will be able to identify and overcome any barriers or obstacles to achieving your ideal health.

    • You will be able to lose weight and know the secret to lifelong weight control.

    • You will have a customized healthy lifestyle plan that will give you long-term success.

    • You will have a greater sense of life-health balance.

    • You will have a greater understanding of the importance of an active lifestyle and nutrition in terms of preventing disease and improving your health.

    • You will have a greater understanding and knowledge of the impact of stress on overall health and know how to manage it.
    • You will be more knowledgeable about disease processes and health issues affecting you and how to use this information to
      carry out your physician’s recommended treatment plans.

    • You will look forward to your regular physician visits because you will be seeing the results you and your doctor want.

    • You will be on the road to self-managing your own health. 


    The fundamentals of my work with clients are:

    I firmly believe that achieving life-health balance is not a cookie cutter, one size fits all plan.  The key is exploring options, finding out what works and what doesn’t work for you and coming up with a personalized, individual plan that gets you results that last.

    I believe that success in achieving your health goals is directly proportional to your desire and commitment to CHANGE.  It is up to you to take the “baby steps” necessary to improve/reverse your situation.  And it all starts with a change of mind.

    I believe that your Health is your Wealth.  All the resources in the world can’t buy your mental, emotional or physical health and without your health those “things” don’t matter.

    What’s it like to work with me?

    I will be your coach, your cheerleader, your accountability partner, your brainstorming buddy, your supporter.  When was the last time you had someone to really listen to YOU and your concerns.  I am here for YOU.

    My job is to get you on track and keep you on track with meeting your health goals in a way that’s FUN and FOCUSED.  We’ll talk about real life and what works and what doesn’t.  We’ll have quite a few laughs along the way.  But above all my clients become the healthier, happier, slimmer, more vibrant version of themselves with a new appreciation of life and health.

    Should you work with me?

    As a Board Certified Physician with over 30 years experience in practice, I have witnessed firsthand the tremendous negative impact of unhealthy lifestyle behaviors on the lives of individuals, families and on our healthcare system.  As a trained Life and Health Coach and Physician, I am uniquely qualified to assist you in accomplishing your health goals and truly living from the Inside Out.

    I work only with individuals who are serious about improving their health by using proven methods that are effective over time with results that last.  Programs that offer “quick fixes” either don’t work or the results don’t last.  You may have tried some of these.  So if you’re looking for a “quick fix” you should be looking elsewhere.

    My business is mostly working with clients in one-to-one coaching which is the most effective method for getting results in the shortest period of time.  But I realize that it may not be for everyone, so I also have other Programs /Services available for you to benefit from.  And be sure to check out my Free Stuff.  I’m sure you’ll find something of value that will meet your needs and your budget.

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